What is Specwall?

Specwall is an advanced interior and exterior wall system with inherent insulation, acoustic and fire ratings in the form solid A1- and A2-rated panels which exceed current fire safety regulations and are ready to decorate. 

It is not affected or damaged by water and does not promote mould growth at any stage. It can be installed before the building is watertight making it suitable for pre-build, Cat A and Cat B installs.

  • A1-rated panels that are completely non-combustible
  • Certified to UK, European & international standards
  • Modular walling systems with single-visit construction process
  • Reduced labour, wastage and programme time

Factory made

Our factory-manufactured wall partitions are a versatile, precision-engineered product which can be used across all types of building as an alternative to:

  • Blockwork
  • SFS
  • Drylining / plasterboard systems
  • Risers - dry risers and smoke risers / smoke shaft
  • Lift shafts
  • Concrete cores and stairwells
  • Bathroom pods

The Benefits

Specwall adds speed, efficiency & quality to all sectors of the construction industry, including but not limited to:

  • Housing developments
  • Residential buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Hotels & airports
  • Public sector buildings
  • Hospitals & Healthcare
  • Industrial buildings
  • Modular construction
  • Room & bathroom pods
  • Precast structures
  • Traditional buildings
  • Refurbishment projects

What Are the Advantages of specwall?



Time and motion studies show Specwall can reduce labour hours needed for installation by more than 55%.
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Our modular single-visit construction process with inherent structural and insulating properties offers significant programme savings.
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Specwall can save on overall costs through programme savings, reducing waste, resisting damage and more.
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Specwall panels are not affected or damaged by water or mould, and can be installed before the building is water tight.
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Modular, all-in-one product means that Specwall achieves minimal wastage, and all of that can be recycled.
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Streamline your Project Management process by reducing wall types and requiring fewer trades on site.
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Product Compliance

Specwall is tested and certified to UK, EU and international standards. The system is quick to produce and safe to install, improving the speed of the build and quality of life for end users simultaneously.

Our wall panels have achieved all relevant certification and provide the following among many other compliance benefits:

  • 2 hour fire walls or more with the 75mm panel
  • 3 hour fire walls or more with the 100mm panel
  • 6 metre high fire walls or more

As well as going beyond safety requirements now, our A-1 rated panel will also satisfy further tightening of the fire safety regulations down the line if the government requires A1 standards for all external walls on buildings 18m tall or higher once its review is complete.

CE Certification
FIS Certification
ISO Certification
Intertek Certification