Specwall is a safe, efficient, sustainable wall system which is A1-rated and provides a wide range of benefits to users. Our Technical Team can provide bespoke wall system solutions which meet your needs and offer the following:



The aforementioned construction process is easy to learn and means that Specwall panels require fewer labour hours to install. Time and motion studies carried out on previous works show that by using Specwall as a blockwork replacement or alternative to a Steel Framing Systems (SFS), you can reduce labour hours needed for installation by more than 55%.



One of the major advantages enjoyed by Specwall is its manufactured nature which has allowed us to develop a modular single-visit construction process. This easy-to-install system can meet almost any requirement and any situation, reducing your programme time. All joints are bonded and filled with grout and taping and jointing can be requested by the client. The wall can have finishes applied directly, including tiles, skim and paint, and timber pattressing is not required with our system.



Specwall’s all-in-one manufactured nature, the speed of installation, its resistance to damage and its versatility can add up to serious cost savings across a site. Not including other cost savings, replacing traditional blockwork, SFS plasterboard systems with Specwall can have a significant impact on your expenditure.



Specwall is inert and a cementitious product, and therefore is not affected or damaged by water or other wet scenarios that could affect other traditional systems, and does not promote mould growth at any stage. This means that Specwall panels can be installed at any stage of construction, from the initial structural works before the building is water tight all the way through to the final stages, with no negative impact.



Specwall is an eco-friendly wall system which is modular, manufactured off-site and comes as an all-in-one package. This means that our panels achieve minimal wastage and all of that can be recycled. For more information on Specwall’s sustainability credentials, please read on below.



By choosing Specwall you can reduce the number of wall types on site and the number of trades you need to fit into the overall construction programme. Our single-visit construction process includes the installation of all panels and, additionally, M&E design and conduits can be installed off site ahead of arrival. If this is not possible, these can be installed on site by chasing or drilling down our panel with Specwall equipment and installing conduits.

How Sustainable are specwall panels?

Specwall panels are a truly “on-site” sustainable partitioning system which is fully adaptable to new floorplate configurations and completely reusable in situ should the need occur. By creating a reduced-waste walling system, we have achieved the following:

  • Less than 0.5% of waste sent to landfill
  • All dust is inert and can be fully recycled
  • Off-cuts reused on site as part of the construction process
  • General waste compacted, all cardboard, metal and vinyl is recyclable
  • All pallets are from sustainable sources

A Safe, efficient and eco-friendly wall system

Specwall uses eco-friendly building materials and a modern manufacturing process to create reusable wall panels which can help organisations to achieve a high BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) rating in the following categories:

  • Materials
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Recycled Content

BREEAM certification is applicable to new builds, major refurbishments and fit outs of major developments, making it the most widely used environmental performance assessment for non-domestic UK buildings.

Environmental policy

The Specwall environmental policy is designed to help us achieve a reduced waste construction process. Our principles are as follows:

  • To minimise any environmental damage and, to maximise all opportunities to improve the environment going forward.
  • Comply with all legal requirements reduce environmental impact
  • Consider adverse environmental impact in the future senior management of the business.
  • Assist and develop employees to participate in helping reduce waste.
  • Fully engage with all aspects of the Considerate Constructors guidelines.
  • Provide information, training and support to all of our staff and third party employees.