Specwall is a cutting edge, advanced wall system that is A1-rated and provides a quicker-to-install, ready-to-paint wall with insulation, insulation and fireproof values included. There is no other wall that is comparable to the speed and cost of its installation.



Specwall offers panels which are A1 or A2 – S1 d0 rated. The panels, including the Specwall Core, are covered within BSEN ISO 1716 part of BSEN13501 2018. Due to this, Specwall can achieve a minimum of two hours or more fire rating – a rating in excess of Building Regulations. This compares favourably to plasterboard systems which are rated for just two hours. The A1-rated panel is completely non-combustible and cannot contribute to a fire at any stage. 



Specwall systems can be designed to achieve your target acoustic ratings by our Technical Team who offer bespoke calculations as part of the design package.

Installing high-performance acoustic walls is a key part of improving quality of life for end users. Our panels are durable and provide excellent acoustic performance, making them suitable for all types of development.



Reducing the heat loss of your building is one of the best ways to improve its environmental footprint. A u-value refers to the sum of thermal resistances built up by the layers of your building.

The way to achieve the right u-value for your wall system will vary by development, but our Technical Team will assist with the calculations as part of designing the wall system to ensure that your needs are met.



Specwall is an inert, cementitious system and does not suffer damage from water or mould in the way that blockwork, plasterboard or Steel Framing Systems may do if exposed to the elements.

The water resistant wall panels which make up a Specwall system are therefore ideal to install at any stage of the development process, even if the building is not yet water tight.

Specwall is certified to UK, EU and international standards, making it the perfect fit for any development. Our certifications and accreditations include:


  • BBA Agrément Certificate
  • ISO 19001 certification
  • ISO 14001:2004 certification
  • ISO 18001 Health and Safety certification
  • Environmental Management Standard


  • URS (International Certificate) accreditation
  • ASI accredited certification
  • BM Trada accreditation
  • CE Marking accreditation
  • Intertek (Dubai) accreditation
  • OHSAS/ISO 18001 (Health and Safety) Certifications
  • ISO 14001:2004 certification
CE Certification
FIS Certification
ISO Certification
Intertek Certification