Location: London, UK

Main contractor: RCSB Group

Scope of works: 

Conversion of the ground level façade from retail shops to residential apartments in the London suburb of Mitcham.

Sector: Residential

Imperial Court is a unique collection of high end studio to three-bedroom apartments. Located within a stone’s throw of numerous South London transport links, this is a desirable apartment block in one of the UK’s most popular areas.

Specwall was chosen for its programme saving qualities to allow an earlier installation of the external cladding. This was necessary due to the façade fronting directly onto a busy road and pedestrian walkway.

Additionally, Specwall was selected for to its high fire ratings, a feature which is particularly important to the developer in London in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Finally, when completed, external cladding will be installed directly to the panels.

“Using Specwall panel for this particular project allowed us to seamlessly abut to the SFS door and window frames. When installation was complete, abutting joints were taped, jointed and sanded, leaving a smooth finish on the internal side. The modular nature allowed us to easily overcome any onsite issues as well as easily form angles not at 90 degrees.

“Availability and delivery to site was easy and wasted product at the end of the job was minimal, allowing us to leave a clean finish to handover to the contractor.”


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