Beechwood Avenue


Location: Finchley, London

The project provided the opportunity to demonstrate the versatility of Specwall providing solutions and benefits when used for SFS replacement, Party walls, internal apartment walls, service risers and communal areas.

Specwall was used on the internal leaf of the cavity walls, with a brick tie system fixed directly to the panels, cavity insulation and brick outer leaf, as well as being used to accommodate the difficult curved façades.

The site was constricted and external access was not available, requiring a wall system that could be built from the inside before the development was made watertight. Specwall’s water permeable nature makes it weatherproof and the perfect choice to satisfy this condition.

In this way, Specwall allowed the internal works to progress before the external masonry followed at a later date. This enabled the required programme savings on the development which allowed it to proceed on schedule. 

Beechwood Avenue

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